De Kade Challenge

‘De Kade Challenge’ is the final product of my Game Design semester during my bachelor. We we’re asked to find a solution to the waste that is thrown next to the river of the Dutch city Nijmegen. There would be artists designing a whole bunch of new bins, and we were asked to create a game that will make young people use these bins and collect trash around the area.

We created a concept where every student in the city could sign up for one of the 3 teams: plastic, metal and toxic. The app contains a ‘walkthrough’ which tells you how the game works:

  • On a map you can view all the bins.
  • Your team is supposed to ‘claim’ bins by holding your phone close to the sensor on it.
  • By throwing trash inside of the right bin, your team score points.
  • As a team, but also by.yourself you can fulfil achievements.
  • You can invite friends and chat with others.


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    Apps & web
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    Plastic Soup
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