Medair Graphic Design

After finishing my bachelors in Communication and Multimedia Design, I worked with the Dutch and International Marketing teams of Medair on graphics for their campaigns. I worked closely with the Dutch marketing team and provided them with a new flyer a social media strategy.

After re-designing the Dutch promotional flyer, the demand for this document increase with at least 300 more requested copies.

I created promotional and informative content for 13 countries and in 4 languages ( German, French, Dutch and English). For example, I designed infographics and visual manuals about Covid-19. The visual manuals were given to more than 1500 people in South Sudan.

In August 2020 I worked in response to the explosion in Libanon, Beirut. I created awareness-raising content to support the funds that were set up by Medair to help rebuild the Beirut area.

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